Immie and her pretty boobies

By Jay On April 25, 2010 Under australia, Nudes
nudes ishotmyself Name: Immie
Country: Australia
Age: 23
Story: “Over the last year, I have been increasingly bitten by the public nudity bug. I’ve never been shy, but lately, I’ve had the urge to keep pushing the envelope on what society finds acceptable, and thus finding myself naked in odd places. I hope for a utopia in which nudity and sex are no longer stigmatised, and in which people enjoy it without guilt and prejudice. If we can achieve that, it would be a nice feeling to be one of those “naked trailblazers” to contribute to a less inhibited world. Of course, at the end of the day, it’s all about the pretty boobies, and the artistic personalities they are attached to. :-)
Comments: ahhh the pretty boobies….. and so pretty they are too. sheesh those tools are scary too

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