Elizabeth in the backyard

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This is one of the shoots in what must be Annie’s backyard perhaps (or maybe one of the models) – there seems to be quite a few sets shot in this backyard! But who cares, the girls are hot

Age: 20
Sign: Libra
Size: 10
Job: Massage Therapist
“I LOVE ELIZABETH!!!! She’s so hot, savvy, cheeky, and no a no bullshit kinda gal!!

She said, “The shoot was spontaneous and very easy and liberating. I like Annie’s arty style and natural flow to the shoot. This was only supposed to be a test shot and we just went wild – got over 850 pictures.”

“I’m a very sexual person. I get turned on by kissing, foreply involving gentle caressing, leading to grabbing (depending on the person).”

“I don’t like relationships and what they stand for. I prefer to FUCK AND FORGET!!”"

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January 16, 2009

She is hot, hubba hubba