By Jay On January 8, 2008 Under Links, Reviews

Well I’ve been tirelessy scouring the web to bring you even more nude aussie girls…. and I’m very very pleased to say that the folks at FEMJOY haven’t been neglecting the beautiful women that emerge from Australia. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be featuring some of the Australian models that feature at FEMJOY.

FEMJOY is one of the highest class ‘nudes’ sites on the web. From the moment you reach the FEMJOY home page you can instantly see that we’re talking about a quality experience. Every single model is exquisite… and every single photo is exquisite. They only work with natural girls (we love natural girls, so big thumbs up for that!), and FEMJOY only works with ‘real’ people. That is they don’t work with established models who already “have their thing” down. Instead, they look for amateurs. Regular girls who might do a little modeling, but by and large their main interest in life lies somewhere else. The main point of difference for FEMJOY, is that although these girls are amateurs, they are not girl next door types – they are STUNNERS. FEMJOY amateurs aren’t your average “regular girls.” These are young women who are not only perfectly beautiful, but they are healthy, smart, and engaging as well!

Yes, it would be fair to say, we love FEMJOY. In the coming weeks, we’ll bring some of the Aussie stars from FEMJOY – in the meantime, you check out the impressive FEMJOY tour…


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