Abby Winters Yoga Girls Video

By Jay On November 15, 2007 Under australia, Nudes

The abbywinters yoga shoot is a classic. We already brought you some pics once before… but today we bring you the video! Abby Winters has released a number of large-scale, multi-girl productions before, including six models in a waterfall, seven in a paint fight, ten at a raunchy slumber party and twelve in the pool.

But the yoga shoot is by far the biggest and most impressive shoot for the website. Featuring sixteen of’s best models, the shoot is led by 21-year-old Jilly, who is a real-life yoga instructor in Byron Bay, Australia.Jilly says, “Sexy, fun, friendly and peaceful – all in one shoot! Everything about the day was beautiful. The girls were really focusing, though many of them had never done yoga before. I wish I could lead nude classes more often!” Jilly has also starred in several awesome girl-girl and masturbation shoots on the site – including some with girls in the yoga shoot – with more shoots of her going up over the next several months.

The yoga video, released May 5th in the US, is over 35 minutes long. Three hundred still photographs from the shoot go up the same day. A “backstage” video is about 20 minutes long and shows some nudity, interviews, girls practicing yoga beforehand, and offers a look into the making of the feature.

The sixteen yoga girls are typical abbywinters models: fantastic bodies, natural boobs, real personalities, no makeup. The videos are calm, picturesque and meditative, focusing on how beautiful girls are, especially doing yoga, especially in the nude.

Watch the Yoga Girls Video Trailer – it’s incredibly beautiful…. ahh i feel so peaceful now….

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